4 Reasons You Should Be Hitting the Beach on the Weekends

February 9, 2020
Blog - Chongfah Resort Khao Lak

Do you love the feeling of the warm sun on your skin, perhaps the smell of the ocean filling the air around you? Well, if the answer to both of that is yes, then it is time to head out to the beach!


If your schedule is occupied during the week, however, then you can always plan for a trip over the weekends. There’s just nothing better than to lie lazily on the beach and enjoy the relaxing aura that fills the air after a long week.


If you still aren’t convinced, here are four reasons you should be hitting the beach on the weekends:

1. Your body needs it

Yes, your body indeed needs it. When you swim in the ocean, the minerals and anti-bacterial properties of the waters will ensure that you come out with a much smoother, younger-looking skin. When you breathe in the salty air, you fill your lungs with fresh oxygen, rejuvenating your body and mind. Even when you stroll on the beach, you get to enjoy the sun’s rays, giving your body a chance to synthesize the all-essential Vitamin D.


When enjoying yourself under the sun, however, don’t forget to apply some sunscreen because you wouldn’t want to burn your body!


2. You get to amass some seashells for your collection

If you’re a collector of sorts, perhaps watches, stamps, and others, it may be time to begin a seashell collection instead.


Head out to the beach and keep a keen eye out for wonderful, stunning shells. Don’t forget to bring a bucket or two with you. Before you know it, the beach will be without shells, and you’ll find yourself walking home with buckets full of seashells to adorn your shelves with.


3. You’ll enjoy sitting back and relaxing

With so much work to be done, you might find it quite difficult to relax, even in the confines of your home. You can use that excuse to get away from everything and hit the beach every once in a while.


Spread your mattress across the sand under some shade provided by trees and lie down. We know doing nothing is difficult to do. However, after lying down there for a minute, you’ll soon find yourself in a state of peace and relaxation. The rhythmic sounds of the waves thundering across the sands, the feeling of the cool wind blowing across your skin, and the rustling of the leaves that provide you shade will ensure that you have a well-deserved rest.


4. Your snacks taste better

If you have a bag of your favorite chips lying around in the kitchen along with your favorite bottle of soda in the fridge, take them along with you when you go to the beach.


There’s just a different feeling about snacking at the beach that just makes the food taste good. Actually, just about anything you eat tastes much better when eating on the beach! Speaking of eating, why not host a BBQ session with your friends? That will be a perfect weekend for everyone!


Wrapping up

After a busy and tiring week, going to the beach over the weekends is an excellent way to get that much-needed rest. Whether you go there for a good swim or to enjoy the relaxing aura, it is up to you. That said, we hope that you’ll find some time this upcoming weekend to visit the beach. If you’re looking to book our beachfront resort in Khao Lak, get in touch with us today! We are a luxury resort that will make you feel right at home.

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