4 Tips to Capture Social Media-Worthy Photos When in Khao Lak

January 3, 2020
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Of all the souvenirs you can take from a trip, pictures and videos are just one of the best ones to have. After all, they’re made by you. They freeze an instance in time, capturing the emotions and beauty of the moment that you will never, ever forget. Thanks to social media, you can also share these beautiful moments with your friends and family.

With that said, it is also essential that you know how to snap photos in the first place. Sure, you can take a picture only by whipping out your phone camera and snapping a photo. However, if you want something that will make anyone go, “wow,” you’ll need to keep in mind a few things.

Here are four tips to help you capture social media-worthy photos:


1.List Down the Right Places for Pictures

Before you begin your photo-taking journey, you must know where to go first. You can’t just go anywhere and expect to find scenes worthy of a picture. You will need to do some research. Find out where you can find some of the best views and spots to take photos.

A great way to do this is to look online at all the beautiful shots and learn of their location. That way, you know that if you arrive in the same place, you’re given a chance to recreate that fantastic shot all for yourself.


2.Set up for the Perfect Shot

Taking the best photo isn’t a simple matter of point-and-shoot. You will need to know how your camera operates, what features it has, and how to set everything up for the perfect shot.

One of the most critical aspects you need to learn when taking photos is lighting! Lighting can make or break your picture, so learn how it affects your shot. Some will say that the best time to take outdoor pictures is during the “golden hours”—shortly after sunrise and shortly before sunset. Other things you need to learn is how to focus on a specific subject or finding the right angle to add emphasis to a picture.


3.Know What to Shoot

While you can take pictures of everything that’s around you, only a few pictures will end up worth the time looking at. For example, you can take a picture of the whole beach. While the picture that may ensue is beautiful, everyone already took a picture like that. Be different and focus on the details on the beach. Peer into a shell and snap a photo of its intricate design or aim your camera up into the sky below the palm trees and create a beautiful silhouette.

It is up to you what pictures you’d like to end up on your social media.


4.Use Applications to Edit Photos

After a day’s worth of photo taking, don’t forget to edit them. Fix the colors, add some filters, and do what you believe takes the photo from a “B-” to an “A+!” Applications like VSCO offer a wide variety of tools for you to edit photos with, and with only a few minutes of effort, you can enhance a photo.

If you want to take social-media worthy photos that will impress your family and friends, keep in mind the tips we’ve shared with you above.

Remember, know the places where good photos are taken, learn how to set up your camera to take excellent pictures, be creative and understand what kind of photos to take, and take the time to edit the images. By doing these things, you can seriously up your social media game.

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