4 Tips to Help Plan the Perfect Second Honeymoon

February 24, 2020
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While many families realize this and plan vacations to spend time with each other, the planning phase can be quite exhausting to some to the point where they’d skip out on vacationing entirely. However, planning for a second honeymoon is much different from a family vacation.

Have you ever thought about planning for a second honeymoon? No? Well, you should! They’re incredibly magical, and the perfect chance for husband and wife to connect once more amidst a life that’s full of tasks and responsibilities.

If you’re interested in a second honeymoon, here are four tips to help you plan out the perfect one:


1. Consider Travel Time

While you might be willing to travel long hours to reach a destination, your partner might rather have a quick journey to a nearby beach.

Because of this, you’ll need to decide with your partner if either of you would be willing to make some compromises, or perhaps agree on a place that doesn’t take too long to reach yet is still farther from home. Also, knowing how long the travel time would be will help you decide whether you’ll have enough energy for activities the same day, or relax at the resort or the beach for the time being.

In other words, determining the travel time cannot be ignored. With your partner’s help, figure out how much you’re willing to spend traveling and how it will affect your second honeymoon’s schedule.


2. Plan Early On

Although it can be fun to have spontaneous plans, some planning is vital to ensure that everything about the second honeymoon proceeds without a hiccup. Then again, if problems do arise, both of you will have to work together to solve it.

To that end, the earlier you plan for the honeymoon, the better the overall vacation will be. For example, you can gauge how long you want to spend on vacation more accurately so that you don’t go back home unsatisfied. When you plan early on, you’ll also be given more time to figure out places you’d like to visit and the activities you’d want to do. Dividing all these activities properly on different days will essentially help you create the right balance of fun and relaxation.


3. Decide on Where to Stay

Just as important as the entire trip itself is the accommodation of choice. With your partner, decide on what kind of hotel, resort, or type of accommodation you’d want to stay at.

If you’re looking for someplace that’s quiet, consider looking at villas or resorts that are a little further from cities or towns. If you want something a little livelier and nearer to all the tourist attractions, opt for something closer to all the action instead.


4. Plan Together

Perhaps the most important thing you should keep in mind is that, whichever planning process you’re in, you should be doing it with your partner. After all, the point of the second honeymoon is to spend time together, and you can even start during the planning phase. Nothing about the second honeymoon will matter if your partner isn’t present to share in the moments with you.


Wrapping up

A second honeymoon is a perfect chance for you and your partner to spend time together, reconnecting and even relighting the fire inside your hearts, realizing why you two decided to spend the rest of your lives together. Remember, whatever you do during your second honeymoon, make sure that you do it together. From the planning stage to the actual vacation, all of it must be spent with one another, as this is the whole point of the honeymoon!

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