5 Things to Consider for a Baby’s First Holiday in Khao Lak

February 14, 2020
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Families may have hesitations in bringing their baby along on a holiday vacation. However, traveling and exploring new places with the little one does not have to be such a dreadful experience. It just takes careful planning and preparation to make sure that a family experiences a happy and safe holiday with their baby!

For those planning for the perfect vacation for the whole family, read on below for five questions to ask yourself when considering a baby’s first holiday.

  • How old must a baby be to go on a holiday?

Make sure that the mom and baby are healthy enough so that they can travel even if the little one is still two weeks old. Although babies might be allowed to fly even sooner than that, take note that this requires a doctor’s approval beforehand.

It is also helpful to check the airline’s policies on traveling with babies. Some airlines’ minimum age requirement ranges from two days old to two weeks old. In some cases, newborn babies are not allowed to travel by plane without a doctor’s go-signal.

  • What essentials to bring along?

When traveling with a baby, pack the essentials for carry-on, and don’t forget to take extras. Some of the essentials include clothes, nappies, foods, snacks, wet wipes, teething rings, toys, blankets, and spare clothes. You can also bring along the baby’s favorite blanket and one toy and leave the rest at home. This is because extra toys are an additional burden, especially when the baby becomes fussy mid-flight.

  • What is the perfect holiday destination?

With every family comes a variety of holiday choices that commonly range from climbing mountains, exploring cities, or going to new islands. However, when you travel with your baby along, there might be a need to narrow down your choices.

Instead of going for more physically-draining adventures, it is ideal to choose a more relaxed itinerary for the trip, such as lounging at the shady part of the beach. Know that resorts also offer activities for every member of the family. They offer perfect cozy rooms for the kids and little babies, while there are also swimming and outdoor activities that are appropriate for them.

  • What should the baby wear on the trip?

Check the weather forecast beforehand and prepare for changing weather. The last thing a family needs is letting a baby get sick on their first holiday together. If the plan involves a cold or rainy place, remember to always pack a beanie, a warm jacket, and some socks. For a tropical holiday, on the other hand, you can take a straw hat for sun protection, some cotton clothes, and a swimsuit.

  • Is accommodation safe for babies?

A family bringing a baby must inform the resort about their status before booking a holiday. This is so that the staff will have ample time to prepare the place for you. Know that some resorts are even equipped with everything that the family and baby need for a relaxing stay. This includes sweet and savory baby foods and necessary equipment for preparing the baby’s meals.


Feel free to ask the resort staff about the facilities that they have and whether or not they will meet your needs. An excellent resort is even ready to provide a baby cot for the room. The place will also offer highchairs at their restaurants. Another aspect to look for is a handy microwave to heat baby food and milk.

If you’re looking to book our beachfront resort in Khao Lak, get in touch with us today! We are a luxury resort that will make you feel right at home.

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