7 Great Places to Visit to Enjoy Bang Niang Nightlife

September 26, 2019
Chongfah Beach Resort Khao Lak - Exterior

Khao Lak’s Bang Niang nightlife scene isn’t what you’d expect if you are coming from Bangkok, Pattaya, or even Phuket. Due to its lack of hawkers, tailors, and also ladies of the night, this is a place for a friendly and light-hearted experience. With good food and cool evenings, there’s much to enjoy here. If you’re in a Khao Lak resort or hotel and are planning a visit to this beautiful beach, here are seven places to keep in mind:

1. Ayisha Fine Art Fine Wine
Located on the Phetkasem Road and a short walk south of Bang Niang Market, this place is a classy yet modest bistro. It provides a more sophisticated venue, a good break from the simple dining atmosphere of Bang Niang.

2. Build Factory
If you want to party late into the night, Build Factory is the place for you! With indoor and outdoor areas, it is a stylish place to be if you’re looking to have fun. Sit around and enjoy a drink or two, listen to a live band or a DJ, or watch your favorite football team play. You can even sing at the Karaoke rooms that are available!

3. Degree Bar
Degree Bar is the stereotypical example of what a bar should be: faded wooden furniture, open sides, and a wagon wheel just ‘plonked’ down by the doorway. If you merely long to experience the most genuine Thai bar, this place is ready to welcome you with open arms.

4. Gecko Bar
From the outside, this bar may look like it has a small indoor space. However, when you inspect it closer, it is much larger than you’d expect. Vacationers and expatriates mostly visit this bar for the chill vibe, friendly staff, and enjoyable music. The bar is also well known to stay open when all the other bars have closed. If you’re looking to meet new people in an enjoyable atmosphere late into the night, Gecko Bar is the place for you.

5. Khao Lak Boxing Stadium
If you ask anyone what they know about Thailand, Muay Thai is most likely on the list. If you want to watch an adrenaline-pumping fight that’s the real thing, Khao Lak Boxing Stadium is a place you should visit. The atmosphere here is nothing but electric because of the big stakes on the line. Listen to the crowd’s cheer as fists fly through the air and then later moans and groans for placing the wrong bet. Be advised that the fights take place only in the evening on Tuesdays and Fridays, beginning at 9:45 p.m.

6. Mars Bar & Cafe
If you’re looking for good old’ English grub, head over to Mars Bar & Cafe at the entrance to Bang Niang on Phetkasem Road. Known for their great Sunday roasts, and for its festive atmosphere, it is a fine spot to eat, drink, and learn more about Khao Lak. With dart boards, a pool table, and a dance floor, it is everything you want a bar to be, and at a reasonable price!

7. Moo Moo’s Cabaret Show and Bar
Phuket has Simon Cabaret, and Pattaya has Tiffany. In Bang Niang, they have a Moo Moo’s Cabaret Show and Bar! If you’re planning to visit here, keep in mind that you won’t find any world-class shows. It is more of a humble bar that’s been converted into a mini-theatre.

Wherever you decide to go, there’s plenty of things you can do in Bang Niang. You can ask the locals around, and they’ll point you to the best spots in town!

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