Our Guide to 7 Must-Visit Beaches in Khao Lak, Thailand

October 27, 2019
Chongfah Beach Resort Khao Lak

Khao Lak has become a premier destination for those yearning for a beach getaway. The attractions at Phang Nga province are as endless as the fine sand in its public and secluded beaches. There are also unique dining spots and bustling tourist attractions within the area.

When you are not exploring the cuisine and local culture, here are seven must-visit beaches along Khao Lak’s 40-kilometer coastline.


1. Bang Niang

It may not be the biggest of beaches in the area, but Bang Niang’s sunset is perfect for capping off your day. This holiday destination also has calm waters for swimming and trees that offer shady areas for relaxation. Though this was once a lesser-known beach, it now has caught the attention of more visitors, giving rise to more souvenir shops and accommodation options. Drop by their marketplace on Monday, Wednesday, or Saturday for fresh produce. You can also visit the tsunami museum for additional knowledge of the area or the massage parlors to destress.


2. Pakarang Cape

Though this place is one of the quieter destinations in Khao Lak, it still packs several attractions that you can enjoy. Lodging is not a problem thanks to their five-star hotels, while your tummy’s gastronomic wishes will be satisfied with a visit to Krua Rim Tang restaurant. There are other restaurants in the area that you can explore after a surfing adventure and an evening enjoying the captivating view from the shore.


3. Khuk Khak Beach

Memories Beach Bar is a famous attraction in this long beach that serves as a buffer between the Pakarang and the Bang Niang. The five-kilometer Khuk Khak Beach offers multiple fine dining options and presents an ideal surfing spot during the low season. The daily food market of this secluded beach is also worth the visit.


4. Khao Lak Beach

The area’s namesake beach maybe one of the area’s shortest beaches, but you won’t run out of things to do in this hidden place under the mountains. Secluded from other shores, Khao Lak sports two bars and several hotels that offer numerous activities.


5. Pakweep Beach

Pakweep Beach’s national park status makes it off-limits to motorboats. Though one of the least developed beaches, Pakweep Beach allows you to enjoy the sea, sand, and wind without distractions. The locals take pride in keeping this low-key beach in pristine condition, and you will be ashamed not to follow suit.


6. Thai Muang

You won’t find vendors or motorboats in this well-kept beach that is located to the north of Natai. However, a golf course and a national park are just some of the wonders that this tranquil location houses. Thrill-seekers will enjoy Khao Lampi-Hat Thai Muang National Park, which has hot springs, waterfalls, and hiking trails scattered around its 72,000 square-kilometer area. The sea turtle sanctuary at the Phang Nga Coastal Fisheries Research and Development Center is another major attraction.

Thai Muang is the perfect location to camp out because hotels are limited. What they don’t lack, however, are dining options within its 30-kilometer shore. Taste delectable dishes from numerous seafood restaurants and experience a slice of Western cuisine at the Sea Ranch Pizza Restaurant.


7. Nang Thong Beach

This place is called the capital of Khao Lak’s beaches because of its wide array of restaurants and shops. Nang Thong is the perfect spot for water activities like swimming and snorkeling, and you can take a break under the palm trees along the shore. Other than the diving schools that are abundant here, luxury hotels, tailors, book stores, and medical clinics also populate the area. Experience the epic night parties at Nang Thong by visiting La On Village.


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