Our Guide to the Different Seasons and Climate in Khao Lak, Thailand

September 17, 2019
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Khao Lak, Thailand is a hot destination spot for vacationers looking for constant sunshine, white, sandy beaches lined with palm trees, and sparkling clear water to experience the ultimate getaway trip for unwinding under the sun.

Thailand may be famous for its hot climate with a temperature rarely dropping below 27 degrees Celsius, but even this tropical oasis experiences dark skies and heavy rainfall now and then.

The rainy and dry season is defined by the reversal of the monsoon winds, and this occurrence can completely transform the experience you’ll be getting for your weekend getaway. For that reason, we’re here to break down the seasonal differences in Thailand to help you know what to expect upon your visit.


What Can You Expect in Khao Lak, Thailand?

One of Thailand’s most peaceful resort destinations, Khao Lak is situated on the picturesque Andaman seaboard and an hour’s drive north of Phuket Island. It is home to three national parks embraced by a long stretch of coastline dotted with secluded islands, towering limestone formations, majestic waterfalls, caves, and the typical fantasy of palm-fringed beaches.

It’s an ultimate hotspot for travelers looking to beat the heat and bask under the sun as it offers activities that cater to all types of people: from unwinding by the beach, notable wellness spas, experience luxury from the swath of bungalows.

For those who are seeking adventure, you can get your fix on thrilling activities like scuba diving, hiking, or snorkeling at several coral-fringed islands at Surin or Similan Islands. Day-trippers who want to explore hidden gems can chase waterfalls, trek, and explore caves littered around the inland scenic attractions at Phang Nga Bay.


Exploring Khao Lak, Thailand During Dry Season

If cool weather, salty breezes, and clear skies are what you’re after in your dream getaway trip, the best times to visit Krabi is between November to March. These are the months that welcome warm weather ideal for outdoor fun, where you can lounge by the beach and soak in the golden hours of the day with an average temperature between 24 to 32 degrees Celsius.

April through May is also one of the best times to fly to Khao Lak if you’re in search of high heat and the ultimate beach weather. The climate rises between 27 to 36 degrees Celsius, making it the perfect time to dive into the cool waters of Khao Lak.

Those who can’t handle the sweltering sun can explore Khao Sok National park, where you can take shelter in a canopy of wilderness and hop between jungle tours exploring caves, waterfalls, and limestone mountains. The package tour includes thrilling activities like Khao Sok river tubing, overnight camping treks, night safari, and Cheow Lan lake trip.


Exploring Khao Lak, Thailand During Rainy Season

You can expect some drizzles between June, July, and August, while heavy rainfall washes the tropical island during September and October where the south-west monsoon sets in. If you’re looking for a leisure vacation that is not focused on physically intensive activities, these months are ideal for you to hike in the rainforest and chase the many waterfalls located in Lam Ru National Park or Khao Suk.

Another significant advantage of this season is that prices in hotels, restaurants, and cafes are significantly lower. You don’t have to worry missing out on a beach experience either as the temperature rarely drops below 26 degrees Celsius, allowing you to spend time by the seaside without having to pack layers of clothing.

If you’re looking to book a resort in Khao Lak, get in touch with us today! We are a unique, luxury resort that will make you feel right at home.

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