Things to Do When Staying at a Beachfront Resort in Khao Lak

November 22, 2019
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The White Sand Beach used to be one of the best-kept secrets in the whole of Khao Lak. However, this so-called Aow Thong is now considered as one of the most popular day trips locations for visitors wanting an enjoyable time. This place offers a long stretch of beautiful white sand, crystal-clear warm water, wide picturesque panorama, great little restaurants, and an idyllic setting for a private beach experience!

The beach is just a short distance from the main road accessible by tuk-tuk from Khao Lak town. If you’re looking to spend your whole afternoon in Khao Lak, then the White Sand Beach is the best place to be.

Here’s how to make the most of your afternoon in the White Sand Beach.


1. Have a private beach experience

One good reason to spend the whole afternoon in the White Sand Beach is the private beach experience that it gives. The long stretch of white sand and the vast warm water of the Andaman Sea, make the place not crowded and busy. As a result, you can essentially have your own private beach wherever you decide to spend the whole afternoon.


2. Swim in the warm, shallow water

While you’re at it, it’s best to explore and swim in the warm, shallow water of the White Sand Beach. In fact, the beach itself is popular among families with children of all ages, given the vast water area yet safe ocean. This is because the water is shallow for quite some distance out to sea. You may even walk at least 50 meters from the shore and still stand flat-footed on the sea bed.


3. Stroll on the white sand

The amazing stretch of white sand goes on for miles. The beach itself is long, which is ideal for strolling along to cool off with sea breeze. As the name suggests, the sand is indeed white and smoothe. It’s best to remove your slippers and walk barefoot on the ground. You can do so under the scorching heat of the sun while enjoying the beauty of the vast expanse.


4. Savor a great dining experience

The white beach is strategically dotted with beach-front restaurants where you can have a sumptuous meal. In fact, there are three excellent restaurants with cute dining huts in the center. You may want to visit one of them and have a hearty meal. Not only is the white beach an incredibly beautiful location, but it can also provide you with a great dining experience while enjoying the majestic view.


5. Enjoy the panoramic view

You can have a magnificent panoramic view while at the White Beach Sand. Once you’ve got the perfect vantage point, you can have a glimpse of the beautiful panorama of Bang Sak Bay with Aow Thong sitting in the center of Pak Weeb Beach with Cape Pakarang to the south and Bang Sak Beach to the north.


Final Words

The White Sand Beach can become one of your favorite beaches, given its isolation, white sand, sea view, facilities, and the overall experience it offers. If you’re looking to spend your whole afternoon in Khao Lak, what better way to do than to head off to the famous White Sand Beach? You deserve to experience the paradise of Aow Thong!

If you’re looking to book our resort in Khao Lak, get in touch with us today! We are a luxury resort that will make you feel right at home.

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