What Sets Boutique Hotels Apart from Traditional

September 23, 2019
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Your choice of accommodation for your travels can make or break your long-planned vacation. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose to stay at a place that matches the kind of atmosphere that you desire. Five-star luxury hotels, hostels, condos, home-for-rent, cabins, and boutique hotels all have their own unique set of benefits that may or may not suit your intended vacationing style.

To that end, the growing majority of travelers are choosing boutique hotels as their new perennial favorite due to its environment that is typically built on warmth and intimacy. The architectural design and impression are not boxed into a singular style as each guestroom have their unique themes for all types of vacationers.

Boutique hotels are booming in popularity as people flock to its pristine settings, understated elegance, personalized services, relaxing ambiance, homey yet designer furnishings, impressive attention to detail and lodging with an eccentric personality for those looking to elevate their resting abode away from home.

To that end, here are the benefits you can get from boutique hotels versus luxury chain hotels.


Benefit #1: Unique Experience

In spite of the apparent sophistication most chain hotel offers, the predictability of its features can often make for a lackluster experience for travelers seeking a more tailored experience. For that reason, boutique hotels are gaining traction as its properties showcase a distinctive vibe that strays away from having a cookie-cutter feel of other luxurious hotels.

As mentioned above, each guestroom has its theme and unique amenities, diversifying the experience for every type of traveler. While boutique hotels are significantly smaller, the intimate space creates an ambiance of communal living where other guests are encouraged to interact and have fun.


Benefit #2: Exquisite Services

The individualized nature of boutique hotels goes beyond the furnishings and environment as the staff also aims to offer tailored services for guests. From bed-and-breakfast offers to late check-out options, boutique hotels are widely known for their exquisite services that help make you feel welcomed throughout your stay.


Benefit #3: Excellent Attention to Detail

Many boutique hotels go the extra mile to make your stay as comfortable and memorable as possible by searching about their guests beforehand—be it through social media or other online resources. This allows them to prepare for your arrival and welcome you with your favorite drink or food, while others are already aware of any celebratory occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries for some special treatment. This means that you have a chance of getting a room upgrade or have a complimentary bottle of wine and desserts to make your stay as sweet as it can get!

If you’re looking to book a luxury resort in Khao Lak, get in touch with us today! We are a unique boutique hotel that will make you feel right at home.

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